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Paulette Mendelsohn, 1st Vice President

Paulette Mendelsohn and her husband, Gary, have been members of the Merrrick Jewish Centre since 1988.  They have two children, Mark and Sharei, who grew up with the Merrick Jewish Centre at the center of their lives.

Paulette’s first career was in the garment center, where she worked as a fashion designer and merchandiser for over 20 years.  When the demands of business travel began to take away too much time from raising her family, Paulette decided to switch careers and do something more meaningful with her life.  She went back to school to get her Masters degree in Education, and is now an Elementary School teacher, and loves each challenging minute of preparing young minds for the future. 

When her children were very small, Paulette took a “Shabbat Class” with Rabbi Klein that forever changed the lives of her family.  They began celebrating Shabbat every week,  joined by Paulette’s parents who lived nearby and regularly inviting family and friends to join them.  It soon became the much anticipated weekly celebration in the Mendelsohn home and has had a profound and lasting effect on all of them, creating beloved memories and traditions that they all still cherish and practice today. 

The Merrick Jewish Centre has long been a second home to Paulette and her family, where they celebrated her daughter’s Baby Naming and Bat Mitzvah, as well as her son’s Bar Mitzvah.  In fact, it was at the Merrick Jewish Centre where Paulette’s son, Mark, first met another student, Adam Goldstein, who eventually became his close friend and now more recently, his brother-in-law when he married Mark’s sister, Sharei.  Paulette and her family simply could not imagine their world without the Merrick Jewish Centre playing the pivotal role that it has in all of their lives.

Whether celebrating simchas and Shabbat, or saying Kaddish, attending classes and lectures or being a part of the early morning Minyans, the Merrick Jewish Centre has continuously been a source of great spiritual comfort, inspiration and strength to Paulette.  She has served on numerous committees throughout the years, and has been a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee for many years.  She served as Recording Secretary for 6 years, and is now most honored to be serving her third term as Vice President of the Merrick Jewish Centre. 

Fifteen years ago Paulette had the pleasure of working on the last Capital Campaign, and is now very excited to be involved with the current Capital Endowment Campaign.   Working towards insuring that the Merrick Jewish Centre continues as the shining beacon that it is throughout all of Long Island and securing its place at the center of so many Jewish lives for many years to come is the focus that shapes all that Paulette does here at the MJC, her second home.  

Contact Paulette at [email protected].