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Welcome to the Campaign Blog

Wed, 11/14/2018 - 4:29pm -- MJC Campaign

The "Preserving the Promise...Ensuring the Future" Capital & Endowment Campaign is like no other fundraiser you have seen before.  It is to transform and renew the Merrick Jewish Centre by beautifying key areas throughout the building and substantially augmenting our existing endowment so we can ensure the future of the MJC.  Our goal is to raise Three Million Dollars through pledges that can be paid out over time.  

It is our intent to reach out to every member of the congregation to give them an opportunity to contribute to this historic effort.  Your family, along with the entire congregation, will be called upon by a volunteer who may be a fellow parent, a friend, or neighbor, to provide you with more information and to ask you to consider a request for funds.  Please treat them favorably.  

The purpose of the Campaign Blog is to help keep you informed of our progress.  Check back often for updates!  Questions?  Call the campaign administrator, Jamey Kohn, at 516-379-9650 or email: [email protected]