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Faces of the Campaign - Mark, Amanda & Gabe Mendelsohn

Tue, 01/16/2018 - 4:29pm -- MJC Campaign

Being members of the Merrick Jewish Centre has been central to our relationship as a couple. Rabbi Klein married us four years ago, and  officiated our son's bris only a few short hours after returning from Israel. Mark has grown up at and celebrated some of the happiest and important moments of his life at the MJC and with the congregational family. It has always been a foundation in his education, and now is helping to shape the values of who we are as husband, wife, and parents . Part of our wedding vows to each other and our philosophies  as new parents are to keep our Jewish rituals a large part of our lives, not just for our family, but for the community as well.
By contributing to the Capital Campaign, we want these traditions and values that were instilled in our youth to continue forever. The Merrick Jewish Centre is one of the strongest organizations of Jewish life on the South Shore, but sustaining its growth requires the means to do so. The MJC has given so much to us that this was a perfect way for us to give back. As many Jews our age continue to drift away from the community, we believe that contributing to the Capital Campaign is a way to maintain our closeness and reinforce Judaism as a part of our everyday lives.
Mark, Amanda & Gabe Mendelsohn

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